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  • Rebecca

1 Skirt - 2 Ways

Hello, Y'all!

As I get older I try to be a little wiser about what I add to my closet. I look for timeless pieces of great quality. These pieces can be a bit pricey so it is important to be able to wear them multiple ways to create a variety of looks without having a large closet. I thought it would be fun to share with you one of these said pieces, a simple mid-length black skirt with fun embroidery detail, styled two different ways.

The first way I styled the skirt is with a fun graphic tee and wedges. This is an outfit I would wear for a night out or a day out with friends. The striped tee tied with the skirt makes the outfit feel festive and spunky.

Keep reading to see the second way!

The second way I styled the skirt was with a crisp white blouse, statement necklace, and scalloped flats. This preppy and clean look is perfect for a day at the office or more formal events.

Thank you my friend Rachel for taking all my photos! Follow here on Instagram!


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