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Rebecca Giese holding a painting in Hartsville, South Carolina

Hello, Y'all! 


Are you obsessed with southern design and style? Are you in love with the impeccable taste of Reese Witherspoon or the refined touches of Southern Living magazine? Then you're in the right place.


My name is Rebecca, and I'm so glad you stumbled across my corner of the internet!

SOUTHERN'SPIRATIONS IS ALL ABOUT SPARKING CREATIVITY AND SPREADING JOY. Whether it's through custom artwork, wedding designs, or the online store, my pieces and designs are crafted with that purpose in mind and the knowledge that our passions and talents come from God.


As a current resident of the charming town of Hartsville, South Carolina, I get to soak up small-town life and everything it has to offer, while also running my business and renovating my first home. It is a beautiful mix of design, marketing, and collaboration with local companies that allows me to produce high-quality products for clients and customers. South Carolina is full of southern and coastal design inspiration, and I love infusing my projects with little hints of each.



Although I had started Southern'spirations as a creative outlet while at High Point University back in 2015, after several years in the biotech and corporate marketing industries, I knew I wanted to pivot into creative entrepreneurship and pursue the role of business owner full-time. With my knowledge of marketing and my passion for design, I built a business that shares my love for signature design and the act of finding joy in the little things.


Now I get to do a happy dance every day as I draw on the southern inspirations around me to create products and designs that bring joy to my clients and fill their homes with that extra touch of whimsy.

Interested in collaborating? Let's find a time to chat,  email me today!

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"Designing with Southern charm in mind is a balancing act that can easily veer towards stuffy, formal sitting rooms with couches that no one can sit on. Who else had a Memaw with one of those?..."

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