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My Top Binge Worthy Shows

Hello, Y'all!

With streaming services, there seem to be endless options to the question, "What should I watch?" But could there be too many options? When I finish a series, I dread having to figure out what to watch next, which results in watching Parks and Rec for the hundredth time. So to help you narrow down the list and maybe discover a new show, I have collected my top Binge-able tv series currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney + ( I don't have Hulu... gotta stop somewhere).

Before I give you my list, please note I am a fan of comedy, Syfy, fantasy, and the occasional drama. If it is scarier than Stranger Things, I will probably not watch willingly on my own. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, I have liked other shows maybe even loved, but these are my top favorites at the moment!

Amazon Prime

Mrs. Masiel - Not much to say other than the breathtaking costume, an incredible cast, and if you haven't watched it yet... what have you been doing???

Doctor Who - If you have never watched Doctor Who well, you are in luck. It will take weeks to get through all the episodes and specials on Amazon. I might love Doctor Who as much as Harry Potter, and that is saying something.

Warehouse 13 - This Syfy original combines history and Syfy into a quirky crime show. I loved re-finding it on Amazon.

Carnival Row - This steampunk-ish styled fantasy is on the darker side, but I was hooked and waiting for a second season.


Designated Survivor - This political drama keeps me on the edge of my seat with each episode.

Cheer - The docuseries about a cheerleading squad journey to Nationals is an easy watch, and if you did cheer, be prepared for all the memories flooding back.

The Repair Shop - I love a tv show that is calm and relaxing when I want some background noise or to finish up work on the couch. I love hearing the stories of the family heirlooms and seeing the specialist repair them.

Lost in Space - The remake of an old Syfy classic is fantastic. I still need to finish the second season.

Schitt's Creek - I have been watching the new season on Pop network but discovered the show on Netflix and love this crazy family so much!

Disney +

Mostly on Disney +, I have been watching old favorite movies and Disney channel shows, but I do have some Disney + original faves!

The World According to Jeff Goldblum - Love an excellent National Geographic series, what can I say?

Encore! - This show has a heart of gold, each episode high school alumni rehearse and put on their high schools' musical as a reunion of sorts.

The Imagineering Story - Learning about the work and ingenuity behind the Disney parks is incredible.

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