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How I Finally Got Control of My Acne | My Skin Care Routine

Hello Y'all,

Raise your hand if you have had trouble with acne. Okay, I am raising BOTH hands right now!! As a teen, I had combination skin, oil spots and super dry sections which made finding the perfect face wash or acne regimen impossible. Then in college, my breakouts became worse and continued to grow out of control after college. (You know you have an acne problem when your coworkers and boss ask if you are okay because your face is breaking out. Yes, that happened.) During that time, I went to the dermatologist and got a prescription for Epiduo. The cream worked okay, but if I didn't apply it twice a day every day I would start breaking out 200 dollars a bottle, it didn't seem worth it.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving of 2017 and JM's aunt gave me a sample of the Rodan + Fields Unblemish regime. Within weeks my skin had cleared up, and now in April, I continue to use Unblemished every morning. The only breakouts I have now are hormone and diet-related, but when I stay hydrated and eat healthily, I may get one small break out a month. And those breakouts now clear up faster than ever!

To be completely transparent I took these photos with no makeup and other than editing the lighting these photos show my real skin, small blemishes and all.

So here is my full skincare routine


I start my morning with the 5 step regime Rodan + Fields Unblemish. To be honest, I was hesitant about adding a five-step process to my morning routine. But the amount of time it takes to go through the process is saved later by not having to put on full coverage makeup. Plus the confidence I have gained by having clearer skin is worth all the time in the world!

After I finish with the Unblemish, I use Olay Active Hydrating Cream. I use this all over my face but concentrate it to any dry patches I may have. The Unblemish does a super job of keeping my skin clear, but sometimes it will dry out my skin in spots, combination skin for the win.

And that is it. The oil control lotion in the Unblemish regime is also an SPF 20, so I do not have to worry about applying sunscreen! And I rarely wear any makeup because my skin looks better than ever, so why cover it up?


I only use the Unblemish once a day but make sure to wash all my makeup off and apply more hydrating cream before bed. Then about once a week, I will do a face mask in the evening.

Other tips I have for getting clearer skin

1. Stay Hydrated 2. Limit greasy foods and sweets 3. Get plenty of sleep 4. Don't be a popper or touch your face a lot with your hands 5. Wash your face after working out 6. Always remove all your makeup 7. Use makeup that does not irritate your skin 8. Let your skin "breath," don't wear makeup with breakouts

Head on over to my Instagram for a giveaway of Rodan+Fields LashBoost!

I would love to know your skincare tips and tricks. Remember you are beautiful!!


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