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Autumn Transition

Hello, Y'all,

Autumn has already hit every coffee shop, supermarket, and craft store but by Friday it will officially be Autumn!! I may or may not have already been buying fun decorations and have had one too many pumpkin flavored treats. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year - after the Christmas season of course! I love the transition to cooler and crisper weather. The food, rich in nutmeg and cinnamon, just warms the soul. Oh and the fashion! I love Fall fashion the most, from layering vests and sweaters, to the colors, I feel most like myself in my autumn wardrobe.

Being in Birmingham makes it hard though, the weather here really tests my patience. One week it will dip below 70 degrees and I am thinking "Sweater Weather!!" but then I look at the weather for today and it could be almost 90 degrees! Why people why!?!? The transition to my Fall wardrobe is not as easy as I would wish but we are getting there. Making transitional pieces very important. Transitional pieces that can be worn in the warmer temperatures, but do not make you feel like drinking a pumpkin spice latte, is strange because you are dressed like it is the middle of July in a tank top and flip-flops. Or is that just me that feels weirded out by doing that?

One way to have a sweater weather feel without melting in the heat is a thin sweater dress. The one I am wearing below is a GatorLilly find, Lilly Pulitzer dress. The material feels like a soft knitted sweater but also very thin. Making it a great early Fall dress! Another way to transition to Fall is by changing to flats instead of sandals. I know boots and booties scream cooler weather but when it is still too hot, simply changing out of sandals makes an outfit a little less summery. Here I am wearing my favorite staple, black patent leather flats. This pair comes from JCrew Factory, and they are actually very comfortable! I love the gold heel detail on such a classic shoe.

Last week when shooting this outfit the weather did drop a bit, basically just enough that I could pull out my vest bin. I love wearing vests, they are such a fun item to layer and can really change up a look. This one is from the Jcrew factory from last season but I have linked a few favorite vests below!

Now it is time for me to Google for local apple orchards and find myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte....

{Dress- Lilly Pulitzer} {Watch- Marc Jacobs}{Vest & Shoes- Jcrew Factory}

Blessings from Birmingham!

Shop for vests here!

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