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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips

Hello, Y'all!

It is that time of year again!! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts in stores today at 3 pm and online officially tomorrow!! Oh, it is like Lilly Pulitzer Christmas! If you have no idea what I am talking about, the fashioning brand Lilly Pulitzer has a huge sale twice a year and that is the only time Lilly puts their items on sale. So the preppy bright colored wearing ladies, including myself go a little crazy! This year the sales will start early in stores today at 3 pm and they extended the sale from two to three days, so hopefully, you can find time to hunt for some bright goodies! I have been shopping the sale since college and have picked up some tricks of the trade over the years and I wanted to share them with you before I head to the store this afternoon!

1. Make an online account. Items go faster than anything on Black Friday, so you need to check out to be fast to guarantee you got the item in your basket.

2. Take note of the items you are putting in your basket. The site has broken down before during the sale due to a large amount of traffic and also can become glitchy so my mom and I have actually placed our orders over the phone before to make sure we still get what we wanted. By having the names and sizes ready it is a lot less stressful if you have to resort to this method.

3. Know your size. Lilly is known for fun new prints but the cuts are usually pretty consistent, so check sizings and reviews on the different type of items you are looking to purchase before hand so you can narrow down your search and already know what you are looking for.

4. Be patient. Tomorrow morning when you log on at 7 am EST there will already be a virtual line to help the site traffic from crashing the site. You maybe in this line for a long time but at the end of the day it is just a sale, so do not stress over not getting on the site first thing.

5. Continue checking the site. Is there something from last season you had your eye on but has not made the sale yet? Do not worry, they usually release new items through out the day and days of the sale!

6. Continue checking out. After you have your key pieces in your basket, check out. Again having it in your basket does guarantee you got the item. Lilly is great with combining shipment. And I believe shipping is free during the sale so have that as peace of mind.

7. Have fun! Enjoy shopping for a new favorite dress, scarf or pair of sandals. Let a little Lilly brighten up your life!!

One of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale finds was this pink pom-pom dress! I make excuses to wear it all the time! I love the fun look it has with BandBJewelDesigns hot pink tassel earrings, I am ready for a party!

Happy shopping! Do you have any fun tips and tricks? Comment below!

{Dress-Lilly Pulitzer}{Shoes- JcrewFactory}{Sunglasses-Lucky Brand}{Earrings- BandBJewelsDesigns}

Blessings from Birmingham,

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