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Paints, Brushes, and Paper Oh My! Rebecca's Favorites

Hello y'all!

As a full-time artist (for almost five years?!) I have been asked many times over the years about my art supplies. 

For instance, what paint do I use, which watercolor paper do I suggest, and do I have a favorite paintbrush? Today, I am answering those questions. This list could go on forever with preferences of erasers, rules, protectors, and packaging...if you are interested in a part two, please let me know!

Before I start, please note that the following are all my personal preferences; if you have different favorites please share in the comment section!

  1. Canson Watercolor Paper - cold-pressed: The texture of the paper is subtle, which I prefer for detailed work like landmarks. I loathe perfectly smooth paper for painting. I have tried many different types of paper over the years and will always go back to Canson Watercolor Paper - cold-pressed. Cold-pressed is an important detail Canson produces a hot-pressed version, but I don't care for it.

  2. Winsor & Newton Paints: Their pigment is my favorite, hands down. The paints aren't cheap but a little goes a long way. They also blend with others nicely, which is crucial when custom mixing to get that perfect hydrangea blue. 

  3. Aqua Elite Princeton Brushes: The only reason I have other brushes is because I have an emotional attachment issue for art supplies I only ever use Princeton, especially the Aqua Elite. The brush itself feels best in my hand with the soft finish of the paint. The bristles are my favorite they hold their shape and take watercolor paints perfectly. Aqua Elites are not cheap but if you want to upgrade your painting game, I highly recommend starting with the 1 and 6 round styles. 

Pin showing favorite supplies


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