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  • Rebecca

Must Try Hair Bow DIY!

Hello, Y'all!

Apparently, hair bows are back in. I say apparently because I never stopped wearing hair bows. I love finishing off a simple ponytail with a satin ribbon. Now you could buy a name brand hair accessory, OR you could keep read and learn how to make a custom one!

This DIY is SUPER easy. All you need is a glue gun, elastic hair tie, and your choice of ribbon.

1. Make the bow.

The bow making process is similar to big bow on from the Fall Wreath post. To make a flat bow, you will need to create a loop of ribbon and glue the loop together in one spot, pinching the middle section to form the bow "bunny ears." The size of the loop and said bunny ears depends on the bow size you want to create. Bigger the bow, bigger the loop. Next, cut a piece of ribbon to be the two tails of the bow. Form this ribbon into a "V" shape and hot glue this piece to the "bunny ears." Now you have the bow.

2. Attach bow to the hair tie.

Glue the bow to the hair tie. To secure it the hair tie and polish the look, cut a small piece of ribbon, hot glue it to the hair tie and wrap it around the middle of the bow, then hot glue it in place.

3. Style the hair bow!

Happy Crafting!


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