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Low Country Fall Drink Mission

Hello, Y'all!

Just a fun, quick read for those of you traveling this afternoon or just scrolling through your phone to avoid your weird uncle.

Before we are entirely on the peppermint mocha wagon, I wanted to share some of my research on the mission to find the perfect Fall drink in the Low Country area. I tasted lattes, coffees, and ciders from Hartsville to Charleston and a couple in between. Of course, there are more coffee shops and more drink options out there, but I promise to continue this dire mission for years to come. Here is the rating system, each drink is reviewed for Fall flavor creativity, taste and price. The rating is 1-5 pumpkin cups, 5 as the highest ranking.

The Midnight Rooster - Hartsville, SC

Probably bias due to their proximity to my house, but oh man I love their unique specials. Seriously blows channel coffee shops out of the water.

Harvest Moon Mocha Hot Chocolate - seriously hot cocoa and pumpkin are best friends

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Frap - ummm PSL who?? Pumpkin pie in a cup

Normandy Bakery - Charleston, SC

One of my favorite stops for a bite to eat and a quick coffee in downtown Charleston.

Iced Latte with Pumpkin - So due to the lack of a real Fall special their score is low but I love them so wanted to keep them on the list.

The Daily - Charleston, SC

Shout out to @hillheady for suggesting this spot! I can't wait to go back and try other items on their menu.

Cinnamon Maple Caramel Cider - Hello my new favorite thing. Bye pumpkin,

cider is in town and ready to play, delicious and a refreshing twist to a classic Fall favorite.

Coffee Break Cafe - Georgetown, SC

This little coffee shop sits among the quaint shops in the historic Georgetown and has great pastries.

Pumpkin Spice Latte - Very traditional and Starbucks like, which is okay but after so many great options it is just meh.

I hope you have a safe holiday and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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