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Holiday Launch NO. 6 | Hartsville Ornament

Hello Y'all!

Only two Holiday Launches left and y'all I think we saved the best for the next two weeks!! Today we are introducing...drum roll please... our limited edition ceramic ornament! Starting this year, 2019, we will be revealing a new Christmas ornament. This ornament will only be available for one holiday season, AND we had only 50 made. We wanted to create a Hartsville ornament collection for people to collect and enjoy for years to come. Each ornament is packaged in a small gift box with soft foam to keep your unique piece safe, with a historical description of the landmark in the lid and Hartsville ribbon on the top of the cover. We are making them perfect for your tree but also a special gift, ready for gifting! And each ornament is signed by me, the illustration artist on the back.

So which location did we pick for our first ornament? While the Thomas E. Hart house and Kalmia Gardens, of course! In 1817 a Society Hill planter named Thomas E. Hart bought 900 acres that would later take his name and become Hartsville in 1837. In 1820, he and his family built the I-house style farmhouse where it currently stands near the bluffs of Black Creek. Fast forward to 1932, after several owners, the home and surrounding land were given by Dr. Coker to his sister-in-law Missy May. And in 1935, she opened Kalmia Gardens to the public featuring the newly restored farmhouse and grounds. In 1965 she donated Kalmia Gardens to Coker College (now Coker University.) To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Thomas E. Hart house, Rebecca illustrated this limited edition ornament highlighting the home itself, along with the Kalmia Gardens gate and Missy May's favorite flower, the camellia.

These ornaments are currently available at Fleur De Lis Booth 23. BUT November 21st, we will be having a Pop-Up shop at The Key, of Your Hartsville during the Hartsville Open House. Check out the Facebook event for more info!

Thank you again to Erin Daniel Photography for capturing these photos.

Blessing from Hartsville,


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