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Harry Potter Inspired Sewing DIY

Hello Y'all!

If my Harry Potter birthday party back in April didn't get the point across, I love everything from the Wizarding World. After crafting for the party and seeing all the commercials for the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald I had the idea to put my new sewing skills to the test. (Thank you to my patient mother for teaching me some tips and tricks I will be sharing below.) Full disclosure I decided to create this DIY project several months ago but didn't have the time to sit down and work it out until last weekend. After seeing the movie, I knew I had to finish the project I had envisioned. And before you click off thinking this must be super difficult if it took her months to complete, no it isn't hard, but I had to work out the kinks to make it easier and a quicker project for y'all! The pillow should not take longer than 30 minutes, and the mask may take up to an hour due to the additional steps and cutting. But if you or your friends are Harry Potter fans, they would love these handmade gifts for Christmas!

Continue below for the supply list, steps, and downloadable pattern!

Pillow Supply List (To make one 14X14 pillow) Standard Sewing Machine Iron Scissors Cream or Whit thread Pillow stuffing Cream muslin (I would get at least yard just in case) Black Fabric Yellow or Yellow Tie Dye Fabric Wonder-Under (Iron transfer fusible web for glasses and lightening scar)

1. Prep the fabrics. Cut two 14x14 squares out of the muslin. (Do not worry about perfect lines you will be flipping the raw edges in when sewing later). Iron these pieces to make sure you do not have large wrinkles. Put those pieces aside, and with your iron still hot prepare the black and yellow fabric with the Wonder-Under. Follow the steps on Wonder-Under to adhere. Pro Momma Goose tip * Always make sure the piece of cloth is larger than the portion of Wonder Under because the sticky stuff will ruin your iron.

2. While the fabric/Wonder-Under cools print and cut out the glasses and lightening scar, then trace the pattern onto the Wonder-Under. Once cooled cut out the shapes and peel off the backing.

3. Select one of your muslin squares and align the glasses and the lightning scar on top. Once you are satisfied with the location and placement, take your iron and apply heat counting to 10 then move the iron to another section. Pro Momma Goose Tip * Do not swipe the iron over the pieces or they will fold/move and not adhere correctly.

4. Once that cools, and the pieces adhere, take the second square and pin the two pieces together ** With the glasses and scar facing the inside**

5. Sew along the four sides leaving about 2 inches on the bottom to stuff the pillow. Stuff the pillow until it is at the desired fluffiness. Take a sewing needle and thread then sew up the last bit.

6. Boom you now have a magical pillow!!

Mask Supply List (To make one 14X14 pillow) Standard Sewing Machine Iron Scissors Fabric glue Pink thread Quilt padding Decor-Bond (Fusible webbing to make the fabric easier to work with) Satin or other Pink Fabric (front) Soft Black Fabric (back) Holographic Fabric (Lens) Elastic band (I went with gold, but any color or thickness should work. Measure to the size of the head from one eyebrow around the back of your head to the other eyebrow to make sure there is enough to attach and not be too tight.)

1. Prep the fabrics. Prepare the pink and black material with the Decor-Bond. Follow the steps on Decor-Bond to adhere.

2. While the fabric/Wonder-Under cools print and cut out the Luna sleep mask pattern, then trace the pattern onto the Decor-Bond. Once cooled cut out the shapes.

3. Make a sandwich with a piece of quilt padding as the "meat" between the pink front and black back of the mask. Slip the ends of the elastic into the left and right side of the sandwich and pin in place making sure that they are in the zone to be sewn when sewing the padding into place.

4. Sew the mask around the inner section to the shape of a traditional eye mask. Do not worry about the ends not matching up exact we will get to that

5. Once the mask is sewn, cut off the extra quilt padding and take your fabric glue and glue the little finger ends together. Once dry trim off any areas that didn't match up 100%.

6. Now go to take a nap and dream of wrackspurts.

If you run into any trouble or questions about this DIY please comment or email me!


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