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Game Day Table Runner

Hello Y'all!

Football season is now well underway! As much as I love football, I love the food and hosting parties! Last week I met up with my good friend Virginia, and she cooked up some great new spin on classic tailgating recipes. To add that festive feel I made a fun and quick table runner.

For this football themed table runner, the materials you need are just some thick felt tip markers and my handy-dandy brown paper. Now I go into full detail about this paper, and how versatile it is in my Harry Potter birthday party post. You can get a large roll at Home Depot or Lowes that will last you all year for basically a steal! You will want to cut to size the paper based on the table or surface you are presenting the food on. To make a thinner runner and to make sure the ink did not run through, I folded the paper in half and trimmed the ends clean. Then I went and just used some of my thick felt markers and made yard dashes and numbers, including some fun little light brown footballs. Not very artsy and you do not need to be an artist to create this cute whimsy look! The best part is once the party finishes you can recycle or throw it away. No need to worry about hot sauce or drinks spilling all over it! Interested in the delicious food and how to make some for your next football gathering? Head over to Virginia Hornbuckle Cooks and get all the details!

Happy Game Day!


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