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Dos and Don'ts of Mailing Wedding Invitations

Are you planning on adding embellishments to your wedding invitations, like a custom wax seal, or have them professionally calligraphed? Then you want to make sure the invitations get to your guests in the same quality that you mailed them and that they even get to them on the first try! Here are my top Dos and Don'ts on mailing wedding invitations to make sure you have the smoothest experience at the post office!

Do Visit the Post Office Before Sending

My #1 suggestion is to finish one full invitation suite and take it to your post office. Before you finish assembling them all, make sure you are compliant with your local postal service guidelines. During this visit have them weigh the envelope, and they will suggest what type of stamps you need. For example, we needed a USPS Forever stamp and a second stamp which was cheaper than a second Forever Stamp to help cover the extra weight. If we hadn't checked with them and sent the invitations with one stamp they would have been marked return to sender due to improper postage and the custom calligraphy would have been ruined.

Don't forget to add stamps to your Wedding Budget

With that trip to the postal office, you may receive a sticker shock of how expensive stamps are! Make sure to have them in your budget, with current pricing I would budget at least $150 for 100 invitations.

Do Specialty Colored Envelopes

Make sure your wedding guest know they have something special and not another piece of junk mail with an envelope in a color or shade that complements the invitations. Please note that dark colors with white writing can be more expensive to print or calligraph (learned this firsthand with our wedding), so I suggest lighter colors for an easier option.

Don't address envelopes in non-contrasting colors or shades of red

The computer system of the postal office needs contrast to scan the address. So on light color envelopes use dark colors and light color ink for dark envelopes (hence why they are a tricker option). Red shades are a BIG No No for the postal system. Their computer system hates it. If you want to have an element of red I suggest a red envelope and black lettering.

Do customize your invitation experience for your guest

Get that custom wax seal, do a vellum band, maybe a little dried floral moment, etc! But that leads me to the biggest don't...

Don't put any 3D elements on the addressed envelope

Wax seals are a nightmare and will jam the postal machines, and your invitations will most likely get lost or destroyed. To fix this problem you have two solutions, do the wax seal on a vellum band to wrap the actual invitation rsvp card, etc, inside the envelope. OR have a secondary envelope as a protector that is more generic with the address information, and your guest opens that to the fancier experience inside. If you want your envelope to have a little flare without clogging the machine, I suggest a sticker with your crest or monogram to still tie in the theme.

If you are interested in custom wedding invitations and want to talk more about your wedding paper needs, email Rebecca Powell via


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