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25 Things I Learned Before Turning 25

Hello Ya'll!

Cue quarter life crisis I am 25! I seriously can't believe it. Somedays I still feel like a teen, but that was, somehow, six years ago. I am so thankful for all that I have learned and experienced during my 24th year! Y'all, 24 started with a bang as I jet-setted to Vienna, for work, the day after my birthday and it never really slowed down! This year I moved into a new apartment, got a cat, started my own business, and that is just the short list. I had no plan to slow down this year and blessed to share the adventures with all of you! I thought it would be fun to share the 25 things I have learned before turning 25 as a fun way to celebrate this journey! Some are serious, and some are silly but all are things I have learned in the last 25 years.

1. Everyone is just trying to figure it out. Whatever "it" is, no one knows everything and have everything figured out.

2. Making friends after college is difficult BUT not impossible.

3. Never use WebMed when you feel sick, especially if you have anxiety. It will, more than likely, freak you out more so go to the doctor.

4. Comparison will never lead to happiness.

5. Go with the flow. Having plans are good and dandy, but sometimes you do need to let go and let life happen!

6. Sunscreen is your best friend, and if it isn't then, it should be.

7. Find a hobby and evolve it into a passion project, who knows where it will lead!

8. Your best friends will stand by you even if you don't speak for months at a time.

9. Home really is where the heart is.

10. No one knows everything.

11. Do things that make you uncomfortable. (News flash I am terrified of meeting people for the first time. But I have started challenging myself to get coffee, make friends and go to social events. Doing uncomfortable things makes life better!)

12. Watching Netflix all day may be fun but doesn't do the dishes.

13. Giving is better than receiving.

14. Always get a moving van bigger than you think you need.

15. Never regret your past because every moment is teachable and brings you to where you are today.

16. Always prime the surface before you paint.

17. Communication is key to building every relationship, from work to family.

18. Done is better than perfect. (Hard one to learn for my perfectionist nature)

19. Only you can dream your biggest dreams, so follow them!

20. Taxes are annoying.

21. You don't have to do everything yourself, know when to ask for help.

22. When you move to Alabama, you will have to pick a side...War Eagle!

23. Success should be measured in dollars and awards but should be measured in happiness and milestones.

24. Puppy training is no joke, but man it is worth it!

25. Last but not least. Always, live by faith!

Cheers to another year!



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