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Shipt Life |Next Chapter|

Hello Ya'll!

Big Announcement Time!

Some of you may already know, and I did hint at this on social media for the last couple of weeks, but I recently started a career at Shipt Head Quarters! I am so blessed that this opportunity presented itself when it did. Back in January, I started focusing on the Southern'spirations brand and all the possibilities that my little corner of the internet could have, but as fun as the last couple of months had been, they were also very stressful. Starting your own business is not for the light-hearted. I realized I needed to step back and redirect my focus so that Southern'spirations and I could thrive. That is where Shipt comes in.

I knew if I was to go back to an office job that the fit had to be perfect; that the focus of the company, the environment, and the people had to align. And oh my Shipt has been just that. Now don't get me wrong, the first two weeks were pretty exhausting: jam-packed with training and I still am gaining my footing. But I have loved it because of the people I work with, and everyone is there to lend a helping hand or laugh over Dino Nuggets during your break. So you may be wondering what I do there. I am a member of the Experience Team, which is the first line of support for the shoppers and members- helping with everything from tech support to answering billing questions. Now to be completely honest, I was super nervous that at some point during training I would hate it. But that never happened. I surprisingly love it. I have always had a passion for helping others and making their day better, and now I get to do that with Shipt.

Now you are probably thinking what is going to happen to Southern'spirations, the blog and marketing services? Well, another thing I love about Shipt is that I have the opportunity to work a four-day schedule, giving me the balance I need to explore everything Southern'spirations still! So don't worry, I have no plans on slowing down or stopping this corner of the internet! I hope to see it grow and I have big ideas! This month and honestly next month the blog may be a bit quieter as I get used to my new schedule, but I am here. I also want to say thank you to all of you for your support.

Y'all I am so excited! If you are as enthusiastic as I am about this please subscribe so you can follow along.

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