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  • Rebecca Giese

Christmas Playlist

Hello, Y'all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday! I had a blast eating too much food, enjoying the sales, and laughing with some amazing people! Today was a cleaning and Christmas decorating day. The Christmas tree was cut down Saturday morning, and we finished decorating it today along with hanging all of the outdoor decorations! It looks like a Christmas paradise up in here!

Now that it is full on Christmas season you will hear Christmas music E V E R Y W H E R E. I love the holiday cheer and the music probably more than most people, but I am already tired of hearing the same twenty songs everywhere. So I took it upon myself to make a deluxe Christmas playlist on Spotify and share it with all of you! This station is over ten hours long and has a variety of songs from the classics by Bing Crosby and new mixes from Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix. Even family favorites like the Polar Express and the Grinch Stole Christmas made the cut which makes this playlist perfect for hours of Christmas baking and decorating! What I love about Spotify is that you get to customize your own playlists with minimal commercials. If you haven't downloaded Spotify yet I would highly recommend it!

Click the image above to begin listening to Christmas Playlist 2017!

Blessings from Birmingham!

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