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Agendas, Planners, Organizers Oh My!

Hello, Y'all!!

With the start of September school is officially back in session! I have always been a fan of school supplies for forever and still get excited over the occasional trip to Staples. My favorite item to pick out every year is my agenda. (Now do you call it an agenda, or planner, or organizer? Love to know in the comments below!) I would be lost without mine. I keep everything from appointments to my to-do list in an agenda or two... By the end of the year is it basically a journey of my daily life. Many people I talk to say they keep everything on their phone or online but I can not do that! Once I open my phone I gravitate toward Instagram, or checking emails and lose complete focus. To be truly productive I have to go old school and write everything down. Plus there is nothing quite as satisfying as crossing something off a to-do list! Choosing the right agenda for the job can be tough, there are so many cute and trendy options out there! When looking for a new agenda I have several criteria that the agenda must meet before purchasing.

First, the daily section has to be large enough for multiple notes and very long to-do lists. I fill the daily sections up! So much so that I now keep a separate agenda for everything blogging. My friends may call me crazy but I love writing everything that goes into a task into subsections to break down big projects and having a second agenda has become necessary.

Along with having enough room to write everything, I love an agenda that is not just functional but either has fun stickers or witty sayings. In other words, one that is aesthetically pleasing. Size of the agenda is also put into consideration, during college I used a very large one because of balancing classes, clubs and Phi Mu it got a bit crazy, but now I prefer one that fits in my purse or tote easily.

My current favorite is the Lauren James Timeless 12 Month Planner. I have the agenda in the Chandelier print. People! This agenda meets my minimum requirements and exceeds them! I got so excited when it came in! Not only is there plenty of writing space on the calendars and daily sections but also has a meal planning, workout and water drinking sections. I love the monthly goal section at the beginning of each month. This section has helped me look at bigger goals and think about the big picture for the month. On top of all that, the pages have the cutest prints and I love the gold appointment stickers. Seriously, the perfect balance of functionality and style.

What is your preferred agenda brand? Or are you a digital person?

Blessings from Birmingham!

Some other Lauren James Favorites:

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