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Why to Join a Sorority...

Hello y’all,

Fall sorority recruitment is just around the corner! This week on Southern’spirations we are celebrating the start of recruitment with a week of all things sorority. What better way to start the week than sharing why women decided to be part of a sorority? So, I asked my friends, family, and some fellow bloggers to share why they decided to become sorority ladies and share some of their favorite memories! I hope that these ladies help you if you are on the fence of why you should join a sorority. Or, if you are already excited for recruitment then I hope this helps strengthen your decision and gets you ready for the sisterhood!

Here are their responses - get ready for a reoccurring theme of strong sisterhood that will last well past four years!

“I joined a sorority to have that bond, to get that feeling of what it would be like to have sisters. Cheesy, I know, but growing up with only brothers, and going to a school 12 hours away from home, I was in desperate need of some girlfriends who could be honest with me, who could push me closer to Christ, and who could laugh over silly things with me. At Samford’s Chi Omega Zeta Zeta chapter, I’m happy to say that I’ve found those girls who check all of those boxes and more!”

-Sally of Sweetly Sally, Chi Omega – Zeta Zeta Chapter

“Being a part of a sisterhood of talented and amazing women during such a formative time in my life was just the best! When I joined a sorority I didn’t realize what a major impact it would have on me in the areas of faith, leadership, and friendship! I am forever grateful for my sisters!”

- Meggan of Golden Style Book, ADPi at Furman University

“I went through recruitment to find lasting friendships that would help me grow both during undergrad and post grad! My favorite memories all probably happened when we lived in the house sitting on that couch on a random Tuesday!!”

-Jennie, Phi Mu- Gamma Zeta

"To have a group of friends on a large college campus."

- Anonymous, Delta Delta Delta

“Went through rush to meet people. It was the best thing I ever did. I found life long friends that I am still as close with 45 years after I met them. The sorority taught me so much about myself, and how to conduct myself in life. I can never give back to Phi Mu as much as it has given me.”

-Cary, Phi Mu – Gamma Zeta

“I come from a family where most of the women had joined sororities and all different ones and had each recommended joining a sorority. When my older sister, who is not your typical srat star, joined and loved it - I knew I had to try it out. When I rushed I remember being my normal awkward self when meeting all these new people, and at the Kappa Delta house I didn't feel awkward at all, I was having genuine conversations and laughing and it didn't feel forced and as the week went on it just kept getting better. Favorite moment: can't pick one so 1. It was snowing and we were watching other sisters sled down the road when we saw campus enhancement shoveling and we decided to bake cookies and deliver them to everyone shoveling... it was an odd group of us (as in not my normal group of friends) but we had so much fun baking, and delivering and obviously we ended up at the KD house where we all watched a movie and drank hot chocolate! 2. Being in my Little's wedding!”

-Becky, Kappa Delta

“My favorite memory is going off on a spontaneous trip.”

-Rosie, Phi Mu – Gamma Zeta

“ Never went through [formal] recruitment but I knew I wanted to join a sorority when I saw the friendship that these women had and how much they genuinely cared about each other”

-Charlie, Phi Mu – Gamma Zeta

“I was mostly interested in the community service aspect and leadership development opportunities. I learned how to run a meeting and use Robert's Rules of Order, which has helped me in my career. I also wanted to meet other high achieving women on campus and nationally for long term career help. (The parties were fun too!!!) I also got to go to my first national convention, which was really beneficial for me.”

-Meaghan, Sigma Kappa

“I joined a sorority because I wanted to be a part of a group of women that supported and helped each other become the best person they could be in all aspects of their life and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for my Phi Mu sisters.”

-Laura, Phi Mu – Gamma Zeta

Going through recruitment and being a part of a sorority allowed me to not only make life long friends, but to also make a difference in people's lives by serving my community and involvement in collegiate activities. It was amazing to see how we lifted each other up as we became women and the strong bonds we built throughout our 4 years in college.

-Whitney, Kappa Delta

“I decided last minute to go through rush. I didn't have a single letter of recommendation, but still got a bid from the sorority I fell in love with! I wanted to meet new people and get involved. It was the best decision of my life and completely shaped my college experience and the person I am now. I jumped right in and held an office every year, learning responsibility, accountability, autonomy, confidence, cooperation, leadership, and even failure. There was always someone to support and guide me through while I learned the skills I needed. Those girls are still my best friends, and we still hold each other up in all aspects of our lives, even after 35 years. The Greek system works when you have faith in it and realize it's not just about parties, although those are fun too! “

-Sherrye, Phi Mu - Kappa Pi

“I rushed to find that close group of friends that I hadn't found yet during first semester freshman year. Honestly, I thought a lot about transferring and rush is what helped me see that High Point truly was the right place for me. I went in open minded not really sure what sorority I wanted but as soon as I stepped in Sigma I knew it was the place for me from the beginning. I went on to fall in love and become overly involved as the education director and later the president. Being a leader in a sorority taught me more about myself than I ever envisioned and instilled in me a confidence of being able to take on the world without looking back. I know it sounds so cliche to say, but having just gotten engaged I have three best friends in my sorority and those three will be standing next to me on my wedding day. I just felt an overwhelming sense of belonging in Sigma with girls who always had my back as I had theirs. We truly experienced the best four years of life together and I wouldn't change it for the world (other than to stay in college for 4 more years haha)”

-Sarah, Sigma Sigma Sigma

I hope these ladies helped you get excited for the adventure ahead and if you are already a sorority member please share your memories in the comment section below!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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