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Morning Sun-Balcony Tour

Hello Y'all!

First I would like to address a little blog business, I officially deleted the Southern'spirations.blogspot site. Everything on social platforms should be linked to here but if it isn't please comment below or send me an email! I would say that the transition is 100% done so thank you for your patience and following along!

I am excited to share with you a little sneak peek of the new apartment! Now don't get too excited! I plan to do the apartment in sections with fun DIY posts and budget friend decorating tips in mid-August. I just couldn't wait to share this special little spot though! If you have been following since the beginning or this is your first post, before May I had my first apartment. The apartment was a small studio with one window, now don't get me wrong that apartment was perfect for me at the time but I was so excited when I saw the new unit had a dainty balcony and five windows! Five!

The best thing about the spot is that the apartment faces the East so the balcony is washed with morning sun but shaded throughout the afternoon. Making the spot a perfect place to try to gain a green thumb! Currently we have a small herb garden of basil, mint, oregano, (RIP cilantro) along with a small tomato plant. But more on gardening later in the week when I share my apartment gardening tips. (This is the point when I hint that you should subscribe to be up to date on all things Southern'spirations...go do it it's fun!)

Along with gardening I was excited to decorate the space! I wanted to make sure the balcony was an extension of the inside with similar color palette and feel. To brighten up the not so fun siding I hung up some bright colored whimsy art. This was a fun and quick DIY, I took canvases that had been perviously painted with acrylic paints and sprayed them with a glossy sealant. After they had several even coats of sealant and were completely dried I hung them with Command Strips. And boom! An outdoor gallery wall! I wish I took notes on what sealant I used because they have truly stood up to the Alabama storms and heat this summer!

The space is small and not completely squared off which makes having seating out there a little tricky. Luckily my mom came through in a pinch and found this bright blue metal table and chairs set at HomeDepot! The set is great, all the pieces are foldable even the table! To help with outdoor storage for gardening supplies I went on the hunt for a small, inexpensive chest that doubles as a seat...while also matching. And well HomeDepot came through again! The bench has about 20 gallons worth of storage space but also is blue AND a seat! To finish the eating nook I added an outdoor pillow, candle and a fun piece of pink glass to bring in the pink painting.

The balcony floor is a not so pretty concrete with paint and oil stains, so I found the perfect blue and white (plus green) outdoor rug at Target. This one is a 2X3 foot rug and was about twenty dollars. For additional seating I added an outdoor cushion that stays neatly tucked under the metal table. The metal table use to be my nightstand but during the move it made its way to the balcony and it fit too perfectly to move it anywhere else!. I like to hide the remaining chair behind the table.

I would say the balcony is one of my favorite spots! I love all the bright colors, seeing my plant babies growing, and it have even played host to my crafting moments haha. When shooting the balcony pictures I realized how well I was matching the area and of course had to take some fashion pictures as well. I am loving the neckerchief look! Even though some people at work call me a flight attendant... Here I am wearing my staple white top with short bell-like sleeves from Loft, a blue and white neckerchief from Jcrew and my favorite white label Lilly Pulitzer pants!

Enjoy the photos below of the little balcony!! If you have any questions please leave a comment below!!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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