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December 19, 2018

Hello Y'all!


I am officially tired of Holiday Baking. We have made gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and to top it off I attempted to make Christmas Macarons. To switch it up I decided to film the experience. Yes, I struggled but I would say the end result was worth it. To make the base macaron I used the French Macaron Recipe in  Les Petits Macarons.


To add the Christmas flare I added red food coloring to the mix and only mixed the color halfway to get a marbled effect. (I over mixed slightly so they are more pink than marbled but still cute.) For the filling, I made a simple buttercream but added a couple drops of peppermint. Oh, my peppermint is strong I swear a little goes a long way.


Then I rolled the cookies in the candy cane pieces. Fun fact my camera died when filming that section but to create candy cane "dust" just take a small hammer and lightly tap the candy cane through the bag. Place a towel under the bag to protect your table or counter.


To see the struggle and how I made macarons at home, watch the video and see the finished product below.










Merry Christmas from Hartsville! 



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