National Girlfriends Day! {Delia's Literary Corner}

August 2, 2017

Hello y'all!


I am so excited to introduce a fun new section to Southern'spirations.... Delia's Literary Corner! And what a better time than National Girlfriends Day to start!  For this edition Delia is sharing a poem she wrote on her way home from our latest adventure. I am going to let her take is from here!


I'm Rebecca's college friend, Delia. I grew up in the south and teach literature to young adults for fun. I also am a dilettante in poetry; apparently starting today I've decided to go somewhat public. Cheers to friendships worth reminiscing! Hope you enjoy my spiels.


Stable Ground in a CRJ700

Purpose outside of a flying can-
Can we find it in time?
We talk about hopes and dreams; the heaviest of things.
You look at me animated, smiley
The turkeys are out but you attempt to feign excitement
Jumpy songs while you think of your newly manicured ring finger
As I'm hot you're cold
As I'm running you slow
To pick me up in an agitated state and a coconut cake (not pie)
So we drive and drive
She gets stuck but you say don't worry
Tears drop in the memory of acceptance the two of you give me
Never asking what you're too afraid to know
Never passing judgement
Not greedy
Never salty
Cavity pinching taste
We grow up
Never a part
24 is gonna be a good year
cause I'm focusing on me
And you two
You can focus on me too
Cause I deeply love you  


 Blessings from BTR and Birmingham!




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