Road to Rio 2016 Olympics

August 4, 2016


Hello y'all!


Unless you have been living under a rock you should know that the best globe event is right around the corner. The 2016 Summer Olympics!! I can not wait to watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow evening. 

I am kinda of...well okay to be honest, really obsessed with the Olympics. I love getting to watch such talented individuals reach their personal and career goals, plus cheering for USA is always a fun time!

My personal favorite event is the gymnastics events, especially the women's gymnastics. Growing up I ate, slept, and breathed gymnastics. So when cheering on team USA I get a glimpse at a time that the air smelt like chalk and my favorite place to stand was a 4inch beam. 


So if you are obsessed with the Olympics or  maybe just an individual sport/team here are some great tools to stay fully connected this summer during the Games.


1. NBC online- the website has great interviews along with LIVE feeds to events.

2. Along with their website NBC also has a great RIO Olympics APP- just search RIO Olympics in the app store to find it.  Plus download the NBC Live APP to catch all the action.

3. The Olympics as an event/organization has an APP that gives detailed stories and information on not only RIO but past games.


Lastly I leave you tonight with some low quality photos my mom found when I asked her to dig around because the Olympic Trials made me all sentimental.








Happy Olympics everyone!! 


xoxo RGN

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