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Why You Need to Hire a Brand Photographer

This guest post is written by Erin Daniel of Erin Daniel Photography

5 seconds or less. That’s the average amount of time a person spends on a photo while mindlessly scrolling through their newsfeed. Unless, of course, the picture is intriguing enough to give it a double-tap or drop a comment. While some people use social media for escapism or social networking, you may use it as a business tool to help attract potential clients. Wouldn’t you want viewers to stop scrolling every time they came across your images and not only “LOVE” it, but also engage in your post? The best way to accomplish this is by working with a professional photographer to bring uniqueness to your photos, consistency to your posts, and trust in your brand.

In any business, consistency is key. It builds trust and uniformity. This, in turn, communicates the message to your customers that if they invest in your business, they will get the same value they’re expecting to receive from your products/services.

It’s hard enough to wear all the hats when you’re a business owner, so delegate where you can! You’re busy keeping up with the creativity, advertising, restocking of supplies, and the finances behind your business. What if social media was one less thing you had to worry about? By setting aside 1 hour of your busy schedule once a month and working with a photographer, you could quickly end up with enough content to post for the next 30 days!

Working with a photographer also allows you to have custom images of you and your actual products rather than investing in stock photography used by multiple businesses. Maybe your company has a custom color or logo that helps define your brand. Hiring a professional photographer can help you integrate all of that into your marketing.

Ditch the selfies! Make them a thing of the past! Work with your photographer to get action shots of you working at what you do best! Not only will this give you a more flattering angle, but once again, it will help build trust with your viewers.

The differences between a poorly-lit cell phone shot, and a professional photo are night and day! You want to draw your customers in to engage with your posts. You want images that speak to your viewers and stand out! We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Make sure your photos are saying the best things about your business! When they’re the right pictures, they will speak volumes.

You may be thinking, “well, that’s what photo filters are for!” However, think about the primary purpose of filters. Filters cover-up. When it comes to attracting your ideal client and building trust, you don’t want any “smoke screens” in the way. You want clear images that represent true products and services that you offer. Let’s use a restaurant business, for example. When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes first. A photo of a salad can’t be “enhanced” with a black and white filter, nor can it be fixed with over-saturated neon hues or artificial sun flare. You want true colors and ideal lighting that make your viewers’ mouths water!

The same concept with filters goes for people’s skin tones or correct outfit colors. Filters can often add an unflattering orange hue to skin tones. Or worse, imagine ordering from an online boutique, only to be disappointed that the cute pink blouse you ordered is bright red. Altering color boils down to false advertising, and NOBODY needs that title slapped on their business!

So before you pick up your phone to take another selfie or post an unthought out photo, think about working with a professional photographer to elevate your newsfeed, boost your business, and attract your ideal clients!

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