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Whole30 Wednesday | Parents Honest Q&A

Hello Y'all!

We are in the final stretch of our first Whole30 experience as a family, so I thought it was only fitting to sit down with my parents and do a fun little Q&A.

(If you are curious about my answers to these questions, stick around for next week.)

Photo from trip to Amen's circa 2016

What is something you thought you could never live without before Whole30?

Mom: Chocolate. Coffee with creamer.

Dad: Sandwiches. Bread and chips.

Favorite meal you have eaten during Whole30?

Mom: I liked the Egg Roll Bowl and the second one is the Tuscana Zuppa.

Dad: Yea I liked those too, my favorite was the Zuppa then Egg Roll Bowl and what we ate tonight, coconut lime fish.

What is something you discovered about yourself during Whole30?

Mom: Ummm I never realized how much I was putting in my mouth and was eating out of habit. I had no idea how addicted to carbs and sugar I was; I thought it was going to be easy because I don’t have a traditional sweet tooth, but it was hard! I learned I am not the most disciplined and had to think about it consciously.

Dad: Not eating processed foods at lunch leaves me less lethargic at work. I was eating and drink habitually too. I can eliminate caffeine which I thought was impossible and I can show disciplined about my health.

Are there any habits you want to take away from this experience?

Mom: Yes, I want to continue to educate myself on what is in my food and make conscious intake decisions. And meal planning, we were eating out and wasting food, during Whole30 I started planning out based on what we still had and saw a decrease in waste and last minute poor choice meals.

Dad: Continue following the habit of taking healthy leftovers to lunch and picking fruit over chips for my afternoon snack and trying new recipes and working as a team for menus and cooking.

How do you feel? What are your results?

Mom: I Feel pretty good! My clothing is feeling looser, and my stamina has increased. My joints hurt less from some weight loss.

Dad: I don’t crash after lunch and my energy level is up, I feel more motivated to do more. I lost at least 12 pounds, lowest I have weighed since leaving the Navy.

Did you discover any new foods or condiments that you will continue to enjoy?

Mom: coconut aminos!

Dad: Homemade cocktail sauce, I will never buy another bottle.

Would you ever do Whole30 again?

Mom: Yes!

Dad: Yes! The beginning of the year is a great time to restart.

I hope to hear from real people, but just a blogger or health guru (which I am also not haha) has been helpful if you are interested in trying Whole30 or need a little inspiration to get healthy!

Blessings from Birmingham,


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