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Whole30 Wednesday | My Review

Hello Y'all!

The final Whole30 Wednesday, wow we did it, learned a lot, and I would say we had fun doing it. Last week my parents gave their review of Whole30 and answered all of your questions, so this week it is my turn!

What is something you thought you could never live without before Whole30?

Rice, I know that seems funny, but I love rice dishes. Yellow rice, red beans, and rice, just plain white rice I eat a decent amount of this grain. It is such an easy filler for any meal so I wasn't sure if I could get full on mainly veggie dishes.

Favorite meal you have eaten during Whole30?

I loved doing open-faced burgers and the grilled chicken with pineapple.

What is something you discovered about yourself during Whole30?

I eat when I am bored and not always when I am just hungry. I have found that I am consuming less when I have a quality breakfast high in protein and that I can wait until the next meal to eat. I don't need to graze throughout the day. Also that I have the discipline to follow a diet, this is the first diet I have ever done, and I really wasn't sure how it would go. And that I can use this discipline toward my work schedule, projects and working out!

Are there any habits you want to take away from this experience?

Drinking more water and not having a Diet Coke every day and also trying to stay to three meals a day with a snack of nuts or an apple when I need a little something. And the biggest habit is reading labels and focusing on what and how much I am consuming on a daily bases.

How do you feel? What are your results?

I feel great! My head is less cloudy, and I can focus better. I don't crash in the afternoon and feel more productive. I have lost a couple of pounds, which is a bonus. Old button downs and tops seem to fit better, and overall I am proud of the direction I am going in.

Did you discover any new foods or condiments that you will continue to enjoy?

I LOVE Stoks unsweetened cold brew with coconut creamer. Also loved cooking with coconut aminos and Primal Kitchen avocado mayo.

Would you ever do Whole30 again?

Yes! At least once a year to make sure I am keeping a focus on my health!

I hope you had fun following along with this series! Until we do Whole30 again, this is the last Wednesday on the series. But I plan to continue to share healthier recipes until we do this again!

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Blessings from Birmingham!


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