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Whole30 Wednesday: Food Discoveries & Tips for Whole30

Hello Y'all!

I was officially on day 17 when I sat down to write this post, and overall I feel great, but I would be lying if I said I hadn't had any cravings and moments of near weakness. I saw a picture of a sugar cookie on Pinterest yesterday, and oh man I couldn't stop thinking about it. And all the Valentine candy greeting me at the store is mean. As my friends can agree, I have a sweet tooth and love candy. Like really love it. But it has been great to find a new level of discipline and self-control! That to me has been the biggest payoff so far of Whole30 is the new sense of restraint when it comes to food and picking items that fuel my body rather than fuel my cravings.

Another benefit has been discovering brands and food I would have overlooked otherwise. For instance, I learned pretty quick that I am not a fan of hot coffee with unsweetened almond milk. So last week while at the story we picked up a Stok cold brew on a whim and it was compliant, no added sugar or preservatives. Y'all. That cold brew with coconut milk, Califia Farms is my favorite, is the best thing since sliced bread. Now it is no fancy latte or anything like that, but it is a perfect replacement for my usual coffee intake. I may or may not sip on a cup throughout the day.

When cooking and substituting our favorite addition to the pantry has been coconut aminos. This substitute for soy sauce is not only soy free but also has a lower amount of sodium than our regular selection. I love to cook fried rice, stir-frys and other Asain inspired dishes so having a healthier option to one of my favorite sauces will be something I carry on after Whole30!

Now to the tips...

1. If you completed or interested in Whole30, you probably have read that "planning is key" in like every blog or social media post out there. Well, it's true. Having a plan helps keep you accountable and from slipping up. For instance when we go to the beach, we usually eat out at least one "big" meal each day, but instead, my mom (thanks mom!) prepped the heck out of veggies and brought a cooler of food to cook or the weekend.

2. Do it as a group, either with friends, family or your spouse. Talking through your cravings, struggles and sharing the meal prep load can make things a lot easier!

3. Double recipes. To save from cooking every meal every day do yourself a favor and double those Pinterest recipes. You will have lunches and dinners ready for a couple of days instead.

4. Going along with number 3, remake your leftovers. If you cook extra chicken one day put it on a salad, the next day put it over veggie noodles. You will have time and won't get bored of eating chicken for the third dinner in a row.

5. Never go to the grocery store or any store with food (I am looking at you Target) hungry. It makes life hard, and you forget how much you missed Cheez-Its until that moment when your hungry and turn onto the wrong aisle.

If you have a favorite Whole30 food or tip that we should try let me know! We would love suggestions!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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