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  • Rebecca

Whole30 Wednesday | Fastfood and Whole30

Hello Y'all!

We are officially going into our second week of Whole30! I planned on sharing some of my favorite recipes, but after a conversation with my mom yesterday, I thought I would cover fast-food. This topic came about after a long morning and an afternoon of running errands without stopping for lunch. My mom and I were hungry; she asked me to double-check if ANYTHING was Whole30 approved without being just a bare lettuce salad. We checked Chickfila, Panera, and all of our local options on the web for ideas when on Whole30. And to save you the time and headache there really isn't any. All the top Google links contradicted themselves. One website will say the Chickfila salad is okay but remove the bacon. While another site mentions the chickens marinated full of sugar, and the grilled chicken is a no-no. Then looking at the Panera's Salads, we thought the Green Goddess Cobb should be fine, but then the dressing is full of sugars. Basically, everything that we would have to consider possibly healthy, fast food, had hidden sugars. We never realized how much sugar was in our regular diet. SO don't believe a book by its cover or in this case, a salad by its ingredients. Also don't listen to the food blogs, that say you can eat fast food while on Whole30, they have created a grey area within the diet.

The biggest thing with Whole30 is planning, planning, and more planning. To avoid compromising the diet by going to a fast-food restaurant in the middle of a crazy day, I suggest packing snacks like an apple or carrot sticks. I am loving carrots with guacamole and dried mango slices. Whole30 is about focusing on what you are eating and your relationship with food. And honestly, there are no loops holes to make the diet work for you so stay away from fast-food chains and enjoy those complaint leftovers.

Blessings from Hartsville,


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