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  • Rebecca

White Tee Styling with The Hunt for Style

Hello, Y'all!

I am so excited to finally get to share this collaboration with my friend, fellow blogger, AND Hartsville local Hunter! Hunter is the blogger behind The Hunt for Style. We met up for coffee several weeks ago and hit it off from the start, talking Disney, blogging, and life. Even with our grocery list of similarities, we do have different styles and fashion preferences, so we thought it would be fun to collaborate with the only rule was showing up in a white tee. We could wear any accessories, pants, skirts anything our heart desired.

Why did we pick a white tee? A classic white tee, and in this case white v-neck, is the must in everyone's closet! I love how this simple piece can be styled in so many different ways and be used as a blank canvas when experimenting with street style looks. When you want to try a unique skirt, edgy jacket, or colorful accessories, I suggest pairing it with a simple white tee. You can dress it up or down, wear them with a skirt or jeans; white tee outfits are endless.

Hunter and I spent most of the day running around Charlotte in our white tees and due to styling you really couldn't tell there was a theme between our two outfits based on wearing basically the same shirt. We both honed into our individual street styles; I love how Hunter paired hers with jeans and mules, which was the complete opposite of my wrap skirt and sneaker outfit.

Shop My Look!

Shop Hunter's Look!

What staple item should we style challenge next???

Check out Hunter on Instagram @thehuntforstyle

Blessings from Hartsville!


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