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Where to Buy Fall Trends on a Budget

Hello, Y'all!

Raise your hand if you like your wardrobe staying fresh and current but on a budget that doesn't allow for wild Nordstrom shopping sprees every season. I am all for classic and timeless pieces, but this year I have enjoyed mixing it up with more trend pieces and I am not one to waste crazy amounts of money on trendy pieces that I can not use for years to come. So I thought I would share with you my top two places to find trendy items for cheap.

This one may be obvious to some, but Amazon has a lot of fun fashion accessories. I was very surprised by the quality of this floppy hat (I am wearing below) I got it for $19.99 . Buying items on Amazon can be a hit or miss, so I highly suggest reading the reviews and making sure there is a return policy just in case. But there are great priced dupes and items to fill that shopping urge without breaking the bank.

My other favorite is a local thrift store, you have to hunt through a lot of blah, but there are some gems. Like the blazer from this post and even the overall dress I am wearing below is from a thrift store. So many styles cycle through that you may be able to find the "new" trend while sifting through old tee shirts and acid washed jeans.

Where is your favorite place to by budget friendly trends this season?

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Blessings from Hartsville!


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