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Washington D.C. Recap

Hello Y'all!

For the long weekend surrounding Veterans Day, I went on a road trip up to Washington D.C. to visit my brother and fiancee. Driving up Friday left us Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to explore and play tourist in their new town. As the history buff and science nerd I am, I had a blast visiting landmarks and absorbing all the knowledge. And oh man did we walk if you are planning a trip to D.C. any time soon definitely bring your walking shoes. And an extra layer or two because oh man has it been cold! I was not expecting the 30-degree weather and freezing winds. Enjoy this recap and some fun shots from the trip!

Day 1

We took the subway into town and headed toward the Air and Space Museum, where we spent several hours in amazement over the Wright brothers and Apollo missions. You seriously could spend all day in there, and we barely scratched the surface, but because we have another family trip planned in two months, we decided to hit the highlights during this trip. We met up with one of my good friends Raina and spent the afternoon at the American History museum. Which is one of my favorites, I love getting to see the First Lady dresses. Again we barely scratched the surface, but after a few hours, we were out walking back toward the Lincoln Memorial. If you ever have the chance to watch the sunset over the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, do it! It was a breathtaking experience, but that could have been the freezing temperatures. Then we took the train out of the city to grab dinner before getting comfy and watching National Treasure. I have seen the movie a hundred times, but after a day of seeing the sights, it was like watching the film for the first time.

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Day 2

Instead of heading downtown we decided to venture to Mt Vernon. Without knowing it, we had stumbled upon a Colonial Day, so there were handcrafting vendors and shows on the grounds from puppets to cricket lessons. We enjoyed walking the grounds, learning more about our First President and eating baked goods. Delicious baked goods. After watching National Treasure the night before and spending the day at Mt Vernon, it was only fitting that we watched the second National Treasure film. If you haven't seen it, they spend a bit of time at Mt Vernon (no spoilers). And boy by the end of day two my feet were super sore, and I was tired.

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Day 3

So Monday started pretty slow, I was sore, and after a full weekend of playing, I was also moving slowly. We ran some errands then took the train into the city. After seeing the long lines at the National Archives on Saturday, we gave it another go on Monday. Which was a great call, we got into the Archives without waiting. It was amazing to cross seeing the Declaration of Independence off my bucket list. Then we grabbed a quick lunch off a food truck before heading toward the Jefferson Memorial, which is a bit of a long walk. But like all the other miles walked that weekend the journey was much worth it. From the Jefferson Memorial, we had a unique view of the White House and the Washington Memorial. Funny story on Saturday we walked right by the White House without even noticing it because we were so cold and focused on getting to the Lincoln Memorial. So we were shocked when we could see it all the way from Jefferson Memorial, so we decided to continue the adventure with a junt to see the White House. Then we made our way back toward home as it started to rain.

Wow, it was a fantastic trip, and I can't wait to revisit them and have even more adventures in D.C. If you have a favorite place, restaurant or shop in the D.C. area place let us know!

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Blessings from Hartsville!


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