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Warby Parker At Home Try On + Review

This post is for my other four eyed lovelies! I have grown up wearing glasses and know how important picking the right a pair of frames can be. You want a pair that fits well, enhances your style and also won't go out of style by next Spring all while not being too expensive. I had heard about Warby Parker through other friends and bloggers and thought I would give their Home Try a shot! So here is my review of the process and my thoughts on Warby Parker.

*Spoiler: I loved it!*

Here is how it works, when you go to their website and click on the Home Try-On tab this takes you to a page with a quick quiz. This quiz covers everything from your face shape to your style preferences. Then you "fill your box" with five pairs and you aren't subject to just the quiz results but the whole variety of glasses. You give your shipping information and boom! Your box is on its way. Super easy! Warning, you have to put down a credit card for if you don't send the trial pairs back. Then the box came within a week of my order, and that started the five day trial period. I love high-quality packaging, and Warby Parker delivered. The package included a return shipping label, an informational pack and the five pairs of frames, nicely labeled and compartmentalized. Once I finished trying them on I shipped them back, and now I can shop the online store anytime, and I don't have to worry about forgetting what pairs I tried because they saved all the information on the website.

Overall I would say, Warby Parker, is worth the hype! Warby Parker eyeglasses have been popping up everywhere, and I now understand why! The company makes glasses that have a unique blend of what is on tend with a classic finish. Along with making cute frames they also very accessible with their free home try on. The frames are of high quality, and their price point per pair of frames beats many competitors. If you are interested in your own Home Try-On, CLICK HERE .

See the video below for my reactions to each pair!

I am still not sure what pair is my favorite. Let me know your preference in the poll below!

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