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  • Rebecca Giese

Top Finds of 2018 That I am Bringing into 2019

Hello Y'all!

Happy New Year! Last year was a whirlwind for lack of a better word but some of my favorite things from business tools to beauty products were discovered last year. (That is so weird to say) And I know I will continue to use these products for 2019 and probably many years after. Now I know that many of these items have been around for years and you may read them and be like "Rebecca have you been living under a rock?" but I wanted to share them anyways just in case you haven't tried it or just want to hear my opinion on random things.

In no particular order...

Teleties - So for the longest time, I refused to believe that 3 hair ties are worth ten dollars when you can buy a large pack for a dollar at the Dollar Store. But one day on a whim I decided to give them a try. Oh My Goodness, they are worth every penny. My scalp feels happier and my messy bun stays in place during my mid writing dance sessions at my desk. I got my first pack back in October and can proudly say I still have all 3 (raise your hand if you lose all your hair ties) and they still work like they did day one.

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil - In the last couple of months my wonderful parents invested in my business technology and one item was an iPad Pro for sketching and projects. Y'all this was a game changer. I love using the Affinity app that I have been using on my computer for years now on the iPad to do initial sketches and some fine details. Plus, y'all, I finally figured out the Cloud so everything is connected and editing photos on the iPad is so much easy when I traveling or get sick of sitting at my desk.

Cute pajamas - I know this sounds silly and yes I have had pajamas for years but most were Christmas related. I had always been an oversized tee and shorts kinda gal but I found pajamas at World Market (of all places) and couldn't say no. Now I love soft sets or silky night shirts to sleep in. I just feel a little fancy and put together when I wake up in cute pajamas. I also have gotten into the habit of rolling out of bed and heading to my desk to work so wearing cute pajamas makes it a little more acceptable.

Manicures - Yes I have gotten my nails done before but this year I have started getting my nails done on a monthly bases. I discovered SNS powder and it is the only manicure that will last on my busy little hands (crafting and baking isn't easy on the nails). I love going about once a month and relaxing while my nails get prepped and polished. I feel so put together with my nails done and with an increase in blog shoots I feel more confident with a fresh manicure.

Bath Bombs - I know, I live under a rock, but I hadn't done a true Lush bath bomb until last year. And now I understand the hype. I loved the full experience from watching it to the relaxing feeling of slowing down enough to soak in the tub. I love this little treat to myself and plan to treat myself to a couple more bath bombs in 2019 haha.

Kate Spade Tote - Not much to say about this one other than, I love a cute bag that seems to have endless space. Perfect for days where a backpack isn't the look you are going for.

Asana - I have tried this project planner in the past but last year I really focused on planning ahead and organizing projects, mainly to be set up for 2019 successfully. I am loving Asana. I like adding all blog posts and client projects to my calendar and having all the details in one place. Plus when you finish a project a mystical creature flies across the screen. I will go more into how I use Asana in a full blog post later but for now, know that you should check it out.

- This has been a game changer for editing photos. I tried the mobile app first and noticed that I was editing images solely on my phone so I bit the bullet and got the full desktop version and also downloaded the app onto my iPad. Having access to presets and creating my own presets cuts the process of editing in half. The quality and consistency of my social media and blog images have gone up tenfold using the tools in Lightroom.

Kendra Scott Ring - Sometimes you have that "Treat Yo Self" moment and I had one at a Kendra Scott event and decided to get a fun little ring. Little did I know that I would wear it almost every day. I love the simple design and white stone that goes with almost everything. I am a minimalist when it comes to rings and bracelets so it is the perfect little piece of sparkle for me.

- Probably one of the best purchases I made in 2018 was my blue light glasses. I wear them all day, every day. Since getting them I get less eye strain related headaches and my eyes do not feel as tired after a full day. They are seriously the bee's knees. Anyone that spends their day looking at a screen needs them!

I can't wait to see what 2019 brings I have a feeling it is going to be pretty awesome!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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