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Tips to Buying Vintage/White Tag Lilly Pulitzer

Hello Y'all,

Warmer weather, sunny travel locations all adds up to one thing for me; it is Lilly Pulitzer season. I love the fun prints and bright colors of Lilly pieces, but you know what I love? Vintage and white tag Lilly pieces, especially the pants. Depending on the decade there are high waisted printed slacks or funky lobster wide legged jeans. I love these adding the quirky statement pieces into my wardrobe for Spring and Summer. Over the years I have gathered a sixth sense for finding white label Lilly, so I thought I would share my tips and answer some frequently asked questions about the subject!

What is White Tag?

So like any brand, Lilly Pulitzer has changed up their logo and clothing tags over the years. I won't drive too far into the full history of Lilly fashion so to keep it short white label pieces are older ranging from the 60s (genuine vintage) to the 1990s. Most white tag items I have are from the 1980-90s. If you want a full rundown of what your tag tell you about the age of the clothing, this is an excellent post for that.

Where to buy?

I highly recommend going on the hunt for Lilly in person, online is hot or miss, and I will share my tips on that below if you want to skip ahead. The main reason I say you should buy/search in person is that the sizing is different than the size chart Lilly uses today and is different piece to piece. I have pants that all look similar but range from size 2-6 and they all fit the same. Plus in person, you can check the condition and wearability of the piece.

So Rebecca where do you find these magical unicorn items?

I have found white tag items in the most random thrift stores and at specialty stores. Location doesn't matter but does help, I have located most pieces near the beach and vacation destinations, which makes sense because Lilly targets the resort lifestyle. Now I am about to share with you my honey holes (my term for sweet spots to find treasures) because I love y'all. The Goodwills around the Myrtle Beach area are great places to look, but the best spot is the Good Times Consignment on Pawley's Island. I may regret sharing that, but I am in a giving mood so if you are on a trip to Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas that is a great place to start.

If you are visiting Orlando anytime soon check out GatorLilly for new and old Lilly pieces. I wrote a whole post on them several years ago, and since then they have opened a second location in Winter Park. This store is a Lilly lovers paradise and always on the top of my list when I visit Orlando.

Tips for buying online

Okay, so you don't live/plan to visit Myrtle Beach or Orlando soon and see a great piece on Poshmark? Number one rule with buying online is if you can message the buyer then don't buy! I always ask a couple of questions before hitting that purchase button. Like I mentioned above the sizing is all over the place so a Medium may run super small or extra large. Message the seller for the actual measurements of the inseam, waist and any other measurements needed depending on the item. Also, ask about the wear and condition of the piece, if they say there is a loose hem, or something ask for pictures. If the fabric is stained, that is a hard no with older pieces you don't know how old that stain is and it probably won't be worth the headache for your dry cleaner to try and get it out. If the size is right and the condition is fair, go for it! And if the condition is okay but needs to be fixed negotiate the price down.

If you have any other questions about thrifting for white label Lilly leave a comment below or send me an email!

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Blessings from Hartsville!

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Valerie Reeves
Valerie Reeves
Aug 14, 2021

White label Lilly pants are my fav! Just an FYI...I live in Winter Park, near one of the Gatorlilly stores. Truly a paradise for Lilly lovers! But, FYI... I had some white tag pieces I was going to sell to them recently and they told me that they are not really accepting those anymore because they just don't sell well. The best place to find white tag pieces, imo, is eBay.

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