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The Charleston Guide | Visiting H. L. Hunley

Hello Y'all!

Back in May, we went on a new adventure, while on a regular trip to Charleston, to visit the H. L. Hunley. Visiting the Hunley has been on our family's list for the longest time, not only did my dad serve on submarines for 25 years but while stationed in Goose Creek, SC, back in 2000, he got to witness the rising of the Hunley. Making the trip extra special for him, so I took many photos of him in his element haha. If you are interested in visiting this unique piece of history, keep reading! If you aren't, well continue reading, and you will be.

The H. L. Hunley is located just outside downtown Charleston, about 15 minutes or so, on Daniel's Island. Before heading to the museum, head to the website because you will need to purchase a ticket with a designated time and to best plan out your day, it is better to buy online. Tours are only on the weekends to the public, so do make a note of that when planning a trip to Charleston. The building is nothing fancy, and for a second, I thought we were at the wrong spot. But that is because the building is not meant to be the submarines permanent home, this is an active conservation center. Which made this experience one of the most exciting museum experiences ever, and I go to A LOT of museums.

Unlike other museums that give a timeline and talks about the history of the piece (which of course is very important), the H. L. Hunley exhibit speaks equally about the science and conservation efforts of the boat and the items found. While waiting for your tour time to start, interactive displays are there explaining all the conservation work that has gone into the project thus far, the items they have found and how they are piecing together the story of the H. L. Hunley. Even a life size Hunley to see how the men powered the first submarine by rowing, or a size chart to compare your height to the sailors.

Then you get to see the beauty itself; the tour guide walks you through the history and the mystery surrounding the Hunley while standing feet away from the conversation tank. Breathe taking. I highly suggest visiting before the H. L. Hunley moves to its final home after conservation finishes in several years.

Any other places you want to know about in Charleston and surrounding? Let me know and I will check it out and find out the details!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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