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  • Rebecca

The Charleston Guide: Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

Hello Y'all!

What do you get when you mix my love for Charleston, history, and fun facts? Well, a scavenger hunt of course! Fair warning this scavenger hunt cannot be done in one day (you can try though!) but worth keeping on hand during long trips or next time you head downtown and want to see if there is anything you haven't seen or done before. I mixed in some of my favorite restaurants/foods, shopping spots but mainly lots of history. I wanted this list to become a travel guide of sorts for anyone like myself that loves a fun game or crossed off each attraction they finished during a trip to Disney World. You may have to Google or ask a local to find some of the places on this list, but that's half the fun! What better way to discover Charleston than through a scavenger hunt!?!

To make life easier I have created a printable list to cross off items or give to your kids to look for things while walking around.

If you use this scavenger hunt, tag me @rebeccagiese or use the hashtag #thecharlestonguide on your Charleston adventures, I want to see what you discover in my favorite city!

Read the Scavenger Hunt below OR download a free copy HERE! The print out is designed for minimal color ink or to be printed in black and white :)

1. Take a picture in front of the pineapple fountain. 2. Find the iconic Instagram pink door with the lion head knocker. 3. Get lemonade from the vendor located in the Historic Charleston City Market. 4. Photobomb a carriage riders photo. 5. Find and climb the cannons at White Point Garden. 6. Taste a sweet treat on Society Street. 7. Find the church George Washington visited. 8. Take a picture on top of an old carriage stone. 9. Visit the house with a free standing staircase. 10. Find a Philip Simmons gate or fence. 11. Eat oysters at any of the fantastic oyster restaurants (only in months that have an R in it) 12. Spot an old fire marker. 13. Take a photo on the steps of the United States Custom House. 14. Visit the dungeons of the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. 15. Find the house with Tiffany side lights for one of the front windows on Meeting Street. 16. Walk the cobblestone street in the French Quarter. 17. Take a picture of the "Rainbow." 18. Find at least three houses with earthquake bolts. 19. Peek inside the gardens of The Calhoun Mansion. 20. Walk along The Battery. 21. Grab a coffee at The Daily or any of the other caffeinated joints in town. 22. Find the dog that is always sleeping at the Fire Station. 23. Open a book at the Blue Bicycle. 24. Find the man made of hats. 25. Visit the Four Corners of Government. 26. Walk the alley between Queen St and Cumberland. 27. Find the marker of the Old Walled City. 28. See a show or take a peek at the Dock Street Theater. 29. Spot Fort Moultrie in the harbor/bay. 30. Seek out a dolphin in the harbor. 31. Take a boat to Fort Sumter. 32. Find the "Circular" Church. 33. Get a "Sugar"y cupcake. 34. Find the house with the magnolia knocker all over Instagram. 35. Find the home that was once a studio of artist and inventor of Morse Code, Samuel Morse. 36. Buy the perfect gift at Cannonborough Collective. 37. Find the house George Washington stayed. 38. Visit the home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 39. Get a hot biscuit from Callie. 40. Smell the Candles at Candlefish. 41. Admire the seagrass baskets. 42. Explore the South Carolina Aquarium. 43. Visit America's First Museum. 44. Dine at the restaurant seen in The Notebook. 45. Find the oldest house in Charleston (built in 1712)


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