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  • Rebecca

Spring Outerwear 2018

Hello Y'all!

I can't believe it is the official second day of Spring! One because the year is going by way too fast but secondly the weather feels anything but "Springy." Dressing for early Spring can be very tricky. Especially in the South where it could be low 40s in the morning but be a balmy 80 degrees by lunch. Do you wear winter layers and sweat it out or freeze every morning and evening? And don't get me started on the sporadic rain!

Well, what I have learned over my many Southern Springs is that cute outwear is your friend. A fashionable raincoat or blush pink blazer jacket can be just enough warmth/protection for the cold mornings but easily removed when it gets too warm during your walk to lunch. Below I collected my top picks for several different price range so we can survive this crazy weather together!


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