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Shop Small Business Saturday | Hartsville South Carolina

Hello, Y'all!

I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day! To those of you out shopping on this crazy day, bless you. I am enjoying watching Christmas movies on Netflix with a warm cup of coffee in bed while I write this. No long lines or fighting over electronics for me. I have been debating over the month if I should do a Black Friday roundup because it has become expected from bloggers to share their favorite sales and pieces. And I do find those sales links helpful as I shop from home and a great tool, it just didn't feel authentic for me to talk about buying Black Friday if I am not participating myself.

What I am excited about and want to encourage you to do is to participate in Small Business Saturday. Since moving to a small town, I have found the charm and the importance of supporting the local economy. These business owners are your neighbors and friends, with your support they will be able to succeed and live out their dreams. How amazing is that? Plus the items you will find for yourself and the people on your shopping list will most likely be unique or locally made. I have loved the pieces and treasures I have seen so far in Hartsville and other boutiques in the surrounding area.

If you are out and about Saturday, I encourage you to stop in at your local market, gift shop or boutique I am sure you will find something that surprises you.

And if you are in the Hartsville area or want to check out my local haunts online...

Raised Down South: Their pieces have invaded my wardrobe this season. (the skirt & shoes in the photos of this post was purchased there as well) With chunk knits to classic pumps, they have you covered this Holiday season.

Burry Bookstore: I love a great bookstore, and this one is super charming. Plus they have a buy three get one FREE on all toys so get your kids, nieces, and nephews gifts!

Minnies Giftique: A staple of Hartsville with everything from Sugarfina to suede jumpers. And they have sales on the following brands! 20% off Nic & Zoe clothing, Caldrea sale pieces, and Lisette Magical Lycra pants.

De Baz: This boutique is full of fairtrade & ethically sourced gifts for you and everyone on your list. Current sale, 40% off Little Libete Collections, 20% Pillows, Baskets, Bags/Totes/Wallets, and Scarves. Also if you are a Hartsville passport holder you will received 10% off your purchase!

Happy Shopping!

Blessings from Birmingham


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