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Q&A with Custom Framer: Kit'N'Kabootle

Hello Y'all!

Over the years of selling art and prints, I have been asked countless times about custom framing. And I am flattered that y'all want my opinion, but I am not an expert! So I thought it was about time I asked someone that is! I reached out to Anna King of Kit ‘N’ Kabootle to learn more about their business, and get some tips and trends they're seeing in the framing world!

Tell me about your business! How long have you been in business?

Going on 24 years ago my stepdad, Randy Knotts, started doing custom picture framing. He started off selling furniture & other items to draw people into the business, where he also did picture framing. After a while, the custom framing part had enough business that he no longer had to sell furniture & could focus more on custom framing. Around 13 years ago, I, Anna King, joined my stepdad in the business. This year will mark our 24th year in business. We did framing uptown for 18 years before we moved to our current location. We frame just about anything… from family photos, artwork, and mirrors, all the way to, shadow boxes.

What is your biggest tip for someone looking at getting a piece of art custom framed?

Our biggest tip would be to make sure you are using acid-free materials. Also, if your art requires glass, it is best to use conservation-grade glass to reduce UV rays. This will prevent damage from sunlight & overhead lights.

What are some framing trends you are seeing and loving?

We have noticed that a lot of customers have started using more rustic/farmhouse-style moldings. Also, we have seen more people using wider moldings than in the past.

Where can we find you?

Kit ‘N’ Kabootle 836 High Point Rd. Hartsville, SC 29550 (843)332-0370 Facebook:

Instagram: @kit_n_kabootle

Here is some of their work on their Instagram page!


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