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  • Rebecca

Pizza Party - Happy National Pizza Day!

Hello Y'all!

Happy National Pizza Day! I have never met a food-related holiday that I haven't loved (Then again I only keep track of yummy things like pizza and doughnuts. We celebrated a day early, yesterday, with a little family pizza party. I don't know about your family, but the Giese's all have different taste preferences when it comes to pizza. My dad loves all the meats and laughs at the idea of adding spinach or veggies (other than peppers and onions) to his pizza whereas my mom likes a sweet Hawaiian hold the Canadian bacon. Then there is me, who loves it all but prefer a pesto sauce over red.

Last night we all got a chance to make our personalized pizzas in honor of National Pizza Day. We did buy pre-made dough because we were all exhausted and too hungry for that extra step of kneading. Once the crust had pre-baked, we took turns building the pizzas with all our favorites. My pizza secret ingredient has to be the Sur La Table Pizza Seasoning. It elevates the simplest pizza. I went with a pesto-based pizza topped with mushrooms, onions, spinach, peppers and a little ground pork (could not find Italian sausage in the store). And after doing Whole30 last month that pizza tasted better than any pizza I have ever made haha.

Next time you aren't sure what to make or can't agree on flavors, make a pizza topping bar and have everyone make there own! We made several large ones for leftovers, but they can be serving size for a large family or an actual pizza party! Enjoy some photos from the pizza creation process below!

Blessings from Hartsville!


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