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  • Rebecca

Monogrammed Streets Style

Hello, Y'all!

Have you ever had an adorable outfit planned but then it is the middle of winter, and you have to throw on a practical coat or change into a more functional attire? That is me like every day this winter. When did Alabama start having an actual winter? Well as I mentioned in the CHS and Coffee post, I went to Charleston for the day during my holiday trip home. I had a cute outfit planned but probably should have checked the weather before packing. It was COLD, okay like 40 degrees but the wind made the South Carolina coast feel chilly. I had to make a last minute switch from a cotton dress for jeans and boots. Definity a more functional choice but who said practical couldn't be styling?

The critical thing when trying to stay warm but also cute is layering. This cream fringed sweater is perfect for a cold day because even though it looks slim and fitted, the garment is thick. With the addition of the vest, my torso was pretty toasty! This vest has been on repeat since my mom gave it to me in November. Original a plain J.Crew Factory find, but my mom got it monogrammed in a yellow gold thread making is a personalized one of a kind piece.

We have had a lot of items monogrammed over the years, even my graduation cap, and I have had a lot of people ask me where do I get all of my things monogrammed. Well, there are two ways to go about it. One way is to pre-buy the item and bring it to an embroidery/monogramming shop. My advice for anyone picks this way is to check out that vendor's work ahead of time and read any review. Once they monogram it, it can't really be un-monogrammed so knowing their quality is essential. I have never had an issue myself in any town at any store, but I always ask other monogram lovers for their preferred embroider. The second way is to buy the piece monogrammed, for that I recommend an online store like Marleylilly. They have a variety of design and color options, plus they give you a digital proof of the item so you have an idea of what it will look like ahead of time. If you are curious which way is cheaper, I think it is a wash. The price of you buying the item and taking it somewhere is comparable to buying an item on online and having them customize it but for one fee instead of multiple purchases. I would say to join the Marelylilly email list though because they have amazing sales all the time! If you like monograms as much as I do you do both and people make jokes like "Do you not remember your initials?." All I gotta say is hatters gonna hate and monogram on! And rock a FUNctional monogrammed street style!

{Vest - J.Crew Factory}{Sweater - Loft}{Jeans - Loft}{Boots - Nordstrom Rack}{Sunglass - TJ Maxx}{Blouse - Loft}{Fitness Tracker - Kate Spade}{Bracelet - KJP}


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