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Local Spotlight | Q&A with Seersuckergypsy

Hello Rebecca,

Well, it has been a couple of months since our last local spotlight but we are back at it for June! I am so excited to share with y’all Seersuckergypsy and it’s owner Roxie. Here in Hartsville, South Carolina, Seersuckergypsy is the perfect place to pick up a unique gift from local artisans and craftsmen. Homemade bath bombs, jewelry and baby clothes they really cover all the bases. Then in the back of the building, she holds great classes for all ages, from craft camps for kids to barn wood signs! So without further ado here is a Q&A with Roxie herself to find out where is finds her passion and more about Seersuckergypsy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How long have you been in Hartsville? All the details!

I am a Hartsville native. I come from a family of local small business owners. My husband and I love to go pickin and turn it into treasure for the perfect custom piece. I'm obsessed with my 1-year-old baby girl Nova Monroe & my English bulldog Hank.

What inspired you to start Seersuckergypsy the jewelry brand and the store?

I've always been a creative person. I was really inspired when I started planning my wedding. I made all the decor and accessories. During that time I started an Etsy account and things started selling quick. Fast forward 5 years I'm back in Hartsville and making enough with online sales to support a brick and mortar store. I started looking for spaces and 211 N 5th street fell into my lap. It was in TERRIBLE condition but we renovated and we were open for business in a few months.

How would you describe your personal style in three words? Eclectic, natural & feminine

What would you consider your favorite media for creating? Anything repurposed

Where do you find inspirations? And what has inspired you recently? The ocean. Becoming a new mom. I love achieving a goal too.

What advice would you give other creatives and small business owners? Create even when you don't have time. (I need to take my own advice)

What do you enjoy to do in your free time? I love to experience new food and cultures. We spend a lot of time tending to our old home and beautiful flowers too.

Do you have a favorite place to shop locally? Seriously love all the shops in town. My most recent purchase was a stunning dress from Mahala Reece that made me feel like a million bucks. Thanks, Amy.

Follow Seersuckergypsy on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the next craft class is and what is new in the store! Also, check her out on Etsy!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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