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January Recap & Favorites

Hello, Y'all!

If January is any inclination of what the rest of the year will hold, then this year is going to be an amazing one! Well other than spraining my ankle last week walking Eloise, that wasn't that great, but overall I have liked January. Did anyone else feel that this has been the longest month ever? The holiday season went by in a blink, but January feels like it has gone on forever! This month has been full of friends, laughs, and blessings. January also marked the first whole month that I have been self-employed and working from home. And the verdict is in I LOVE IT! Big shout out to the friends and family that have already helped me find my first couple of clients BEFORE the official launch next Monday, February 5th! Y'all rock.

January also brought a new look to Southern'spirations and the best month for the brand to date. I can't wait to see where this goes and so excited to be sending out the first ever newsletter Friday to all of my lovely subscribers.

*Shameless plugin: This months newsletter will include exclusive printable Valentines. I know you want them. Join the club before 5 pm February 1st!*

I am over the moon excited about the content coming in February! But let's finish January by talking about my favorites from this month!

House & Home:

This month I have been focused on decluttering and keeping the apartment clean throughout the week instead of spending the first part of the weekend cleaning. At the beginning of the month, I picked a different space each day to declutter. I am pretty sure this all started after writing my Christmas Decluttering post. I went through EVERYTHING. From the craft supplies cupboard to the infamous desk where everything goes to die, no area was safe. Decluttering and cleaning made the favorites list this month because it feels fantastic to come home to a sparkly apartment and know where everything is.

My home office also makes the favorites list. Several months ago I posted a tour of the office space, but this month I changed it up and reorganized it to be more functional as a real office. I hope that next month I will get a new video up of the space but for now, enjoy this Instagram photo sneak peak...

Another area of the apartment that got some decorating love was the bedroom. The television that had been collecting dust in the corner was mounted, and we found the perfect bar cart to hold the DVD player and second as a library for the books currently in use. This set up became real handy last week when I had to keep my ankle elevated, and the television was my primary source of entertainment.

Two words that changed my life this month, new vacuum. Okay, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but our new Bissell CleanView vacuum is a game changer. The old apartment had all hardwood flooring, so a Swiffer and broom did the trick for the dog hair, I was okay with my little vacuum, but this apartment is carpeted. We struggled along for awhile but finally gave in especially after adding a second animal that contributes to the shedding problem. This vacuum is wonderful! It gets up everything and is so easy to clean if you are on the lookout for a new one that won't break the bank I highly recommend the Bissell CleanView!

Health & Food:

At the beginning of the month, I grabbed the old juicier from the pantry and started juicing for the first time in probably a year. I plan on writing a full post on the subject next month, but I will tell you now that making your own healthy and nutritious juice is super easy and budget friendly!

At the end of December, an Aldi's opened near us. I love Aldi's now. It is a great place to help go grocery shopping on a budget. And the variety of healthy options has grown since I was a kid. Now it is a go-to grocery store for most of our everyday items.

In January I was on a baking kick, making everything from chocolate chip cookies to Irish beer bread (recipe to come). Could be due to finally having a proper standing mix to play with but I am having a lot of fun baking and eating the creations. It is all about balance am I right?

Fashion & Beauty:

Several months ago I started using Rodan + Fields Unblemish skin care kit, and because I didn't do a favorites post for November or December it made a list this month! I am loving how under control my acne is and how confident I have been to go out without wearing any makeup. I am working on a skin care video and blog post so be on the lookout for that. Overall I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the Rodan + Fields products I have tried in the last couple of months. Last week I tested out the Sunless Tan on Instagram Story and realized I never gave an after-use review of the product. I can tell you I approve; it left a slight sun-kissed color, no orange here!! I highly recommend it!

For Christmas, I got the Quick Recovery - 3 piece Face Mask Sampler from my future sister-in-law, and they are amazing. The sampler set is from FarmHouse Fresh, a company specializing in spa grade products that are also gluten-free and cruelty-free. There were three small jars in the kit each with a different mask; there was a pumpkin, an avocado, and a tapioca mask. My favorite is the Splendid Dirt Pumpkin mask; it helps to even out redness, and deep cleans the pores. I have been doing a face mask several times a week as part of my skincare routine, and I have never had skin so clear. Well other than while I write this and have a super pimple on my chin. But I can't complain about one spot after how my skin uses to look.

What I have been listening to:

I have had the Preppy Spotify playlist by Prep in Your Step on repeat this month. She shared it on her blog a couple of weeks ago, and it is the perfect playlist for pumping you up in the morning or when you need that mini office party to get through the afternoon hump. If you like pop and bubbly music, then you need to follow this playlist.

John Michael got me into podcast last year, but my most recent favorite will have to be the Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher. This podcast is a helpful business resource as a creative but also empowering for anyone! It makes me think and make sure I am doing everything with propose to be the best me.

What I have been watching:

My favorite lunchtime activity has been to eat lunch while watching a BBC documentary or cooking show. Then last week while I was having to rest my ankle and spent the week basically in bed I learned a lot about British castles and European history. If anything my vocabulary has increased by all of the educational television. But I would take any suggestions for Netflix.

Well, I hope you have liked recapping January with me! I now have to get ready for my mom's birthday visit. The month isn't over until we celebrate her birthday! I hope your month had many joyful moments and that February is even better!!


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