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How to Make Your Own Upholstered Headboard!

Hello ya'll!

So this may be obvious to everyone, but furniture is expensive. Like really expensive. That was something I remember shocking me when I started planning for my first apartment. I had a Pinterest board full of interior design goals but a college grad budget. Luckily I have very crafty parents that can make Pinterest dreams come true. And now after almost four years, I am sharing with you how to make an upholstered headboard so your Pinterest dreams can come true too.

First things first you need to pick a shape. Below is my headboard design guide to help choose the right style for your room.

Once you have a vision, you will be to head out and gather all the supplies.


2 2X6in boards (legs) 2 2X4in boards (horizontal support beams) A large sheet of plywood (headboard shape) Screws Drill Jig Saw Scroll Saw A piece of thick foam (large enough to cover the headboard)

Spray Adhesive

Electirc Knife Batting (to cover the foam) 4 - 5 yards Upholstery Fabric (Depending on style and size of the headboard quantity will vary) Staple gun with staples 3-4 boxes of Upholstery nails (Depending on style and size of the headboard quantity will vary)

Once you have all your supplies, you will need to measure and draw out the design. Remember measure twice, cut once. To find the proper height of the legs and length of the headboard follow the diagram below! Measure the length and height of your mattress on its frame; this is key to make sure the headboard is portioned correctly and not too big or too small.

The support beams need to be measured to the length of the headboard, to support the plywood. This support isn't necessary for day to day use but is very helpful if you plan to move the headboard, so the plywood doesn't wobble too much on a moving truck or carrying across the house.

When you go to cut, if you don't have a jig saw or scroll saw I suggest phoning your dad, husband, brother in law or anyone around that is handy because buying one can be a little pricey. Once all the wood is cut to the appropriate size, attach the legs and the support beams to the back of the headboard. Use wood screws to attach. You will need four screws for each leg, two screws for the top and them two screws for the middle of the leg (right above the end of the headboard). See the diagram for further guidance. Use two screws for each support beam, one at each end.

Once the wooden headboard is assembled, it is time to make it cute! use the spray adhesive and lay the headboard with the front facing up and place the large piece of foam-centered on the board. Turn the board over and cut away the extra foam with an electric knife until you have the shape of the foam aligned with the plywood design. Next lay the batting over the foam. Make sure it is smoothed out and centered then use your staple gun to staple the batting to the back of the headboard( left, right, top and bottom) The first staples will hold the batting in place for now. Next, turn the headboard completely over and pull the batting taunt and staple all the way around the board. Once you finished the batting repeat the process but with the fabric. I suggest cleaning the surface or laying down a blanket when you turn over the headboard to staple the back.

Once the fabric is attached cut off any excess material and turn the headboard back over one last time, take your style nails and gently hammer them along the edge of the headboard. Try to stay consistent on spacing and lining put the nails. Also if you strike too hard or off center they may bend so I suggest buying extra.

Once you finish hammering the last nail, you are done! You can anchor the headboard to the wall if it is for a kids bedroom or you are nervous about it falling over, but I have never had an issue with it just leaning against the wall.

Blessings from Hartsville,


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