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  • Rebecca

Horse Trailer Mood Board

Hello Y'all!

Some of you may remember that my husband and I purchased an old horse trailer to turn into a mobile shop for Southern'spirations last summer. Well after the initial gutting of the trailer we decided to ask a help friend for help. There were several structural issues along the front due to rust damage, a level of metalwork, and welding neither of us were equipped for. So over a span of about 9 months, in his spare time, our friend worked on getting the trailer for stage 2. Back in May, we drove the trailer home and I have been working on the final vision for the trailer. While also figuring out the engineering hurdles we will face during fabrication. Before we send the trailer off to be sandblasted, primed, and painted we need to do a full pre-install of the doors and other permanent fixers. This extra step will help us avoid rust in any holes we have to drill and if we do make any measuring mistakes we aren't messing up a very expensive paint job.

So to start the vision process I created a mood board! No brainer there is a strong blue and white motif with metal accents in gold finishes. I want to bring in natural elements like soft florals and warm wood tones to avoid leaning too utilitarian and cold. I want the trailer to truly feel like a miniature store, where during events there are vignettes to shop collections within and around the trailer.

I can't wait to take y'all along as we move forward on our biggest project to date!


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