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  • Rebecca

Holiday Launch No.1 | Candles!

Hello Y'all!

You have no idea how excited I am to share this launch and start launching all the surprises in the coming weeks! Back during the summer, we started planning out what items we wanted to create and feature for the holiday season. As much as we love the art prints, we tried to think of the perfect gift for a hostess, friend, or maybe a treat yourself gift.

One of the first ideas was a candle, but not just any candle, I wanted a candle that represented Christmas in the South. Things are still blooming, and it is rarely snowing, so I wanted a candle that had a floral balance with traditional Christmas scents. Luckily our next-door neighbors are the owners of Vine & Country, and they make wonderful candles! So we asked if they would help educate us and make the candles. They said YES! So I ordered a laundry list of supplies and bought sample sizes of some of the oils I thought would work.

Then I have to test the ratios and the oils to see which combination we liked. And we ended up with a blend of Christmas tree, Magnolia, and a hint of Vanilla Cotton. I am personally obsessed with it, but everyone I have shared it with loves the scent profile, even my dad, who is pretty particular about candles (he doesn't like food smelling ones or anything too strong) likes it!

I also love the wooden wick Vine & Country suggested, it adds another cozy element with the crackling and scent of the wood. And big thank you to Vine & Country mother-daughter pair for actually making the candle with so much love and care! The candles will be available in limited quantities at Fleur De Lis Booth 23 for $15. If the scent isn't for you, head to Vine & Country's booth and check out their fantastic Pumpkin Souffle Candle.

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Blessings from Hartsville,


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