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  • Rebecca

Holiday Launch No. 2 | Local Cotton & Dried Okra

Hello Y'all!

I have never been a big Monday person, but these launches have gotten me excited for Mondays and in 4th gear before 9 am. I am so thrilled to share that today's launch is locally grown cotton and dried okra pods!

During the summer, we asked Mary Shaw (check out our local spotlight last month), if she had any cotton or okra this season we could purchase. And thank goodness she said yes! Our cotton and okra are from Kirven Farms, a 5th generation farm right here in Darlington County, which is also the home of The Grumpy Pumpkin!

When the cotton was ready to harvest, I asked if I could come out to the farm. A big thank you to Mary Shaw for agreeing to my silly request and for teaching me all about the cotton growing process. I never realized how much of an investment our local farmers put into producing cotton and how involved the process is. And now have a better understand and appreciation for our local farmers.

I love all the possibilities cotton and dried okra has in crafting and decorating, especially during the holiday season. They make great additions to a Joanna Gaines approved Christmas tree or garland. Or add them as part of your table-scape for Thanksgiving! And unlike flowers, the cotton and okra have the potential to last for several seasons or be used in year-round home decor. There is a Pinterest treasure trove out there for ideas!

Plus as a fun extra, we found four metal locally grown signs to complete this week's theme. Come stop by our booth at Fleur De Lis today to make sure you get one (only sold in-store and while supplies last)!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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