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  • Rebecca

Holiday Bedroom Decor

Hello Y'all,

We are in full decorating gear here at the Giese household but I couldn't wait to share some inspiration from my bedroom. I am a self-proclaimed Christmas Elf, even had a Christmas tree in my dorm room back at High Point. So, of course, my bedroom had to have a magical Christmas touch this year! My room is a bit on the small side but I make the best use of the space to create a cozy little Holiday oasis. Which I love! Especially because I spend about 90% of my days recently working at my computer on upcoming projects, blog posts, and client work.

This year being fun, fresh and single I decided to throw glitter, pink and feminine details on everything in my room. From adding pink glittery trees and reindeer on my bedside and desk shelving to the rose gold tree topper. Also this year I tried my hand at flocking a faux tree. Two words. Very. Messy. I flocked the tree outside and added some rose gold glitter to the mixture and when I brought it in, oh man the mess down the hall! But after I got the tree decorated and the floors swept I loved the look. And because I did move back home and most of my apartment decor is in storage I found in my Christmas boxes household items that usually would not decorate a bedroom, like my Nutcracker table runner. Which I placed over my headboard like a tapestry.

I plan to do a full bedroom tour post at some point but enjoy these Holiday pictures as a teaser to a full post in 2019!

Happy Holidays!


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