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  • Rebecca Giese

Goals for 2019

Hello Y'all

So on Wednesday, I talked all about my favorite products from 2018 and today I thought I would share my goals for 2019. If you haven't figured out yet I am super excited for 2019; it is just geared up to be pretty amazing. To be more accountable in my goals I decided to share them on the internet.

So let's drive in!

1. I want to focus on my health more in 2019. I am always creating and focusing on the next thing, but this year I also want to spend time focusing on myself, my mental, physical and spiritual health. I am excited to kick this off by doing Whole30 with my family next week when all our holiday festivities are over. I will explain more about why Whole30 next week. But I am excited to take time as a family to focus on our health together.

2. Consistency is key, and so I am finally going to put a priority on consistent quality content on the blog and social media platforms. I have always said I wanted to post X amount and sometimes I would make that goal, but dang those old posts make me cringe! This year I am planning the heck out of the blog — batching posts and taking time to bring you exciting and quality content without burning out. I am excited to say that January campaigns and content are planned out thoroughly, and I am already looking at February... seriously a refreshing feeling.

3. Spend less time worrying and live in the moment more. One of the benefits of goal #2 is that it is leaving me with time to rest. I have always been one to be worrying about something else when I am working on a different project, a lot of second guessing of my actions but this year I want to enjoy the little moments more and stress less. Be more proactive to allow me to enjoy family trips and adventures to the fullest.

4. Focus on my "squad" this year, my family and friends. I want to be more active in their lives even if it is from a far distance. Last year went by, and I felt disconnected for a good bit of it. So this year I want to take time reconnected with the people I am blessed to have in my life and genuinely care for those relationships.

These are just a couple overarching goals I have for 2019. I love how a new year is a great time to start fresh, reflect and grow as an individual. Thank you for being apart of this little corner of the internet, and I hope you are successful this year and have many blessings!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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