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Gift Guide: Santa Paws

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Hello, Y’all!

Creating this and every gift guide you find on Southern’spirations this year was a real act of love. 2020 has been challenging, and everyone has been affected differently. To do my part in supporting other small businesses like my own, I spent many hours gathering gift ideas to share from creatives and other small businesses. Full disclosure, there are items from more prominent brands and box stores included, but I made a conscious effort to create guides that focus on small businesses this holiday season.

Eloise was sitting next to me when I was working on gift guides and asked me to do this one. That’s it - just completing her request for awesome pet gifts and reminding everyone that dogs love Christmas too.

1. Custom Watercolor 2. Furbo 1080p Full HD Dog Camera 3.

KONG Holiday Cozie Ali Alligator Dog Toy 4. Felt Corgi Ornament 5. Frisco Holiday Hot Cocoa Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle Squeaky Dog Toy 6. Poochables Traveler 2-in-1 Food & Water Dog Feeder 7. KONG Holiday SqueakAir Ball Dog Toy 8. Design Dua Bear Dog Bed 9. Seersucker Dog Bow Tie Collar 10. Frisco Holiday Dog & Cat Christmas Tree Cave Bed 11. Under the mistletoe classic bandana 12. The Foggy Dog Clean-Up Bag Dispenser 13. Red truck Ornament

*Some links are affiliated links, and I will get a small kickback when an item is purchased, but by no way did I choose brands or articles based on this aspect.*

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