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  • Rebecca

Game Day Essentials

Hello Ya'll!

Last weekend kicked off college football season! (Pun intended) At High Point, we did not have a football team, but I was lucky enough to enjoy my fair share of college game days on trips to the Swamp, LSU and even Auburn. The energy surrounding the game is very addicting. I always went for comfort and loved denim short, and cotton tee look. Now I enjoy streaming the Gators from the comfort of my apartment or while at the gym in comfy lounge gear. But I thought it would be fun to pop in and share my top picks for Game Day this year! Sorry not sorry for the Gator themed pieces. Luckily items like the Jack Rogers sandals come in a variety of combinations so everyone can have school spirit. I had to include a cute transparent bag since stadium rules changed in the last couple of years making the bag essential!

What team are you cheering for?


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